Cannabis Club Officially Approved in Colorado Springs


On Sept. 16, 2016, the Speakeasy Club became the first officially licensed cannabis club in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“We’ve waited a long time, got a license number and everything look at that,” said Jaymen Johnson, co-owner of the Speakeasy Club, to KOAA News 5.

While the Speakeasy Club has been open for the past four years, the local influx of cannabis clubs prompted Colorado Springs to create limited licensing for clubs that were lawfully operating before Sept. 22, 2015, ban the opening of new clubs and phase out cannabis clubs entirely within the next eight years.

“I’ve met with many of the council members, I believe they are community minded, I think they’ll recognize the issue fairly quickly and I think that we will adjust to account for it,” Johnson said.

While the Speakeasy Club seems optimistic about its future, other cannabis clubs in Colorado Springs are facing legal challenges. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, some clubs in the area recently received cease and desist letters.

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