Inaugural Cannabis Country Fair Opens Cannabis Competition Submissions June 12-July 3

Cannabis Country Fair

Unique competition introduces new terpene dominant category classifications

LAYTONVILLE, Calif., June 13, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The Inaugural Cannabis Country Fair (CCF) has opened entry submissions for its cannabis competition, which introduces a new competition category classification: Terpene Dominant Categories. The entry fee is $400 and contestants can submit their entries from June 12 through July 3 to be eligible. Winners of the competition will be announced on the closing day of CCF, July 23 at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, Calif. Full contest details can be found at

Terpenes are the fragrant oils that lend cannabis varieties distinctive smells and flavors like citrus, berry, mint, and pine. Over 100 different terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant, and every strain tends toward a unique profile type and composition. Most importantly, terpenes can offer additional medical value as they mediate our body’s interaction with therapeutic cannabinoids. Cannabis analysis labs have been testing terpene content so consumers can have a better idea of what effects their strain might produce. With their unlimited combinations of synergistic effects, terpenes will likely open up new scientific and medical terrains for cannabis research and medicinal value.

“Over the past fourteen years of producing The Emerald Cup, the knowledge surrounding terpenes and cannabinoids has grown immensely,” Says Tim Blake, Founder of The Emerald Cup. “We acknowledged that our competition was in need of evolving to meet this new development where science, art, and the practice was headed.”

Two and three-day passes to CCF are available now starting at $225 for GA at On-site camping/RV opportunities are also available for attendees. *All patrons must be 18 or older to attend. A valid California Medical Marijuana Card is required to attend CCF.*

1.Contestants submit their Entry at designated entry sites (See lab sites below).
2.The Entry is then tested by SC Labs for Pesticides, Microbiological contaminants, Potency, and Terpenes. (Concentrates will also further be tested for residual solvents).
3.Once the Entry is determined eligible, SC Labs will review the Terpene Profile and place each Entry into one of the 5 Terpene categories, listed below.
4.Judges will then rate the Entries in each separate category and pick the winners. There will also be a “Best in Show” award for each contest (listed below).

2.Ice Water/Dry Sieve

The number one winner of each Terpene category and the ‘Best of Show’ winners will receive an award on stage. The five different dominant Terpene categories will be:

1.Terpinolene (Jack H., Durban, Trainwreck, Clementine, SAGE, Dutch Treat)
2.Pinene (Blue Dream, Grease Monkey, Nightcap, Strawberry Fizz)
3.Limonene (Berry White, Strawberry Banana, Banana Kush, etc.)
4.Caryophyllene (G.Glue, Chem, GSC, Sherbert, Zkittlez, etc.)
5.Myrcene: (Black Lime, Tangie, Purples, In the Pines Fruity smells)

*PLEASE NOTE: Since we have decided to institute a new style of competition this year, the initial CCF competition will focus only on Flowers and Concentrates. The 2018 CCF will incorporate Edibles, Topicals, and Tinctures. Additionally, there will not be a separate CBD Category for Flowers and Concentrates this year. This is so we can ensure that our full attention goes to making this new competition style a total success.

ENTRY DETAILS (Full entry details can be found at


This entry fee includes:
·Full Spectrum Testing from SC Labs (Potency, Pesticide, Microbiological, Terpenes and also Residual Solvents for Concentrates)
·A 3-day pass to the CCF that includes Tent Camping
· A Contestant Laminate
·A Contestant T-Shirt

·Light Dep Flowers: 84 Grams delivered in a tightly sealed container
·Ice water/Dry Sieve Concentrates: 28 Half Grams in individual specific required containers*
·Rosin: 28 Half Grams in individual containers
·C02: 28 Half Grams in individual containers
·Distillates: 28 Half Grams in individual containers

Individual Specific Containers: To ensure the integrity of our competition we are requiring that all Entries be submitted in unmarked containers.
·Solventless Ice Water Concentrates Entries must be submitted folded in plain white parchment paper squares.
·Solventless Ice Water Concentrates Entries that are not able to be packaged in plain white parchment paper must be submitted in a 5 ML glass jar with a white lid.
·Co2 and Distillate Vape Cartridge Entries must be entered in unbranded cartridges.
·Non vape Distillate Entries must be submitted in a 5 ML glass jar with a white lid.

Each brand can only enter up to 4 times.

1.SC Labs (Santa Cruz), 100 Pioneer Street Suite E, Santa Cruz, CA 9506, (866) 435-0709
2.SC Labs (Santa Rosa), 1066 4th Street Suite D, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, (707) 230-5008
3.Healing Harvest Farms, 54895 N. Hwy 101, Laytonville, CA 95454, (707) 984-9174
4.Wonderland Nursery, 1358 Redwood Dr., Garberville, California 95542, (707) 923-2175


Cannabis testing provides our judges with important information about the safety, quality, and potency of your medicine. It also helps confirm the integrity of our organic and sustainably-minded cannabis competition. The CCF has adopted disqualification thresholds based on regulatory standards adopted by the City of Berkeley and prospective regulatory standards under recently passed laws. Disqualified entries will not be returned for any reason. More information on testing procedures is available at

·For the health and safety of our judges and our community, all entries in all categories will undergo pesticide testing
·Testing detects pesticides using high performance liquid chromatography in conjunction with tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)
·Your entry will be immediately disqualified if any of the following pesticides, fungicides or plant-growth regulators are detected: acequinocyl, bifenazate, pyrethrium, daminozide, spirotetramat, fenoxycarb, paclobutrazol, spiromesifen, spinosad, abamectin, imidacloprid, or myclobutanil

·For the health and safety of our judges and our community, all entries in all categories will undergo pesticide testing
·Testing detects yeasts, molds, bacteria, and fungi using 3M Petrifilm and other AOAC accepted plating methods

Your entry will be immediately disqualified if:
·Total Yeast and Mold > 100,000 colony-forming units per gram (cfu); or
·Total Aerobic Plate Count > 100,000 cfu; or
·Pseudomonas/Shigella > 10,000 cfu; or
·Coliforms > 1,000 cfu; or
·E. coli > 0 cfu; or
·Salmonella > 0 cfu.

·For the health and safety of our judges and our community, all entries in all concentrate categories will undergo residual solvent testing
·Testing detects residual solvents using gas chromatography in conjunction with headspace sampling
·Your entry will be immediately disqualified if any of the following solvents are detected: neopentane, isopentane, ethanol, isobutane, n-pentane, cyclohexane, benzene, n-butane, 2-methylpentane, propane, methanol, n-heptane, n-hexane, 2,2-dimethylbutane, 3-methylpentane, or isopropanol

·In order to provide useful information to our judges and our community, all entries in all categories will undergo potency testing
·Testing will detect levels of THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, and CBN using high performance liquid chromatography

For more information on all that CCF has to offer, visit

“Big thanks to industry leaders like producers Kevin Jodrey, host of the Golden Tarp Awards, Dominic Corova with Terpestival, and Jeremy Plumb with Cultivation Classic, for inspiring and guiding the evolution of cannabis competitions,” Says Blake. “Fragrance has always drawn us in and have influenced our memories and way of life for ages; and so, to focus more on those elements as a basis for honoring the farmers who have invested their hearts and energy into our sacred herb just made sense. May the best profile win!”

In addition to GA ticketing options, the CCF also offers two and three-day Emerald Passes (VIP) and Cannabis Club Passes (Executive VIP) along with three-day Mendo Passes (Two-Person Ultimate VIP) starting at $350 to elevate the typical festival experience with a host of VIP amenities including preferred parking, special stage viewing access, early admission to the event venue and more. Detailed info on VIP Packages, Camping Passes and more can be found on the CCF’s ticketing page. Learn more at

A special thanks to this year’s festival sponsors: Absolute Extracts and HoneySuckle Lotus.

For More Information:
·For further information on the Cannabis Country Fair, please visit

About The Cannabis Country Fair
The first annual Cannabis Country Fair (July 21-23, 2017) will gather a unified community of organic cannabis farmers and wellness enthusiasts, combining industry education with top tier musical performances, organic cuisine, goods from the Emerald Triangle’s top cannabis farmers, and traditional country fair games to create a unique weekend experience for festival attendees.

With the Emerald Cup’s strong following from the cannabis community and loyal event attendance at events in California’s Emerald Triangle and Sonoma, the Cannabis Country Fair was brought to life to unite the cannabis community—cannabis farmers, patients, people interested in the cannabis wellness sector and seeking education and entertainment—in a safe, inspiring and beautiful outdoor landscape.

Black Oak Ranch is located five miles north of Laytonville, Calif. in beautiful Mendocino County. For more information on location and driving directions, visit

Media Contacts:
Gaynell Rogers

NOTE: If you would like to attend this event but do not have your Medical Marijuana card, please see the below options:
·OBTAIN ONLINE (recommended): Apply online and obtain your CA 215 recommendation quick and easy. Enter our CCF special promo code at for special rates.
·AT EVENT – Purchase your Cannabis Country Fair ticket online and see our on-site doctor when you arrive to the event. Prices will be the same as the online option but wait times will vary.

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