US Capitol Buzzkill: Legalization Advocates Arrested at Demonstration

US Capitol Buzzkill: Legalization Advocates Arrested at Demonstration

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On April 20, 2017, supporters of legalization took to the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., to advocate for marijuana reform by hosting a congressional joint giveaway, but the demonstration didn’t last long.

The advocates, members of DC Marijuana Justice, set up the giveaway on a sidewalk technically under the jurisdiction of the District and not the federal government, and then checked IDs to make sure that each recipient of two free joints was at least 21-years-old and worked on Capitol Hill; however, the advocates use of the gray zone in the District’s marijuana law did not deter the United States Capitol Police from making arrests.

According to a press release from the USCP, officers arrested and charged five individuals with possession and three individuals with possession with intent to distribute.

“I think they are violating my rights on district land. I have the right to give away marijuana,” said Adam Eidinger, DCMJ co-founder, to WJLA. “You can give up to an ounce each. This is a federal intrusion on the District of Columbia.”

Despite yesterday’s arrests, DCMJ remains undaunted as it still plans to host a rally tomorrow at the U.S. Capitol to advocate for rescheduling marijuana.

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