Testing & Lab Services

Analytical 360

Analytical 360 is Washington’s only cannabis testing lab to use High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC technology. Additionally, it is the only testing lab in Washington State that meets the requirements of I-502. Analytic 360’s team of biochemists utilizes the latest technology to test for cannabis safety and potency.

Green Leaf Lab

Green Leaf Lab is committed to providing the medical cannabis community with the utmost quality marijuana analysis. Through standardized testing procedures, Green Leaf Lab’s aim is to further legitimize medical marijuana. Its services include potency testing, pesticide screening, microbiological screening, terpene profiling, residual solvent testing, and more.

Pure Analytics

Pure Analytics is California’s premiere cannabis testing laboratory. It utilizes the skill set of seasoned scientists to test cannabis in the safest, most environmentally conscious way possible. In addition, Pure Analytics provides its customers with comprehensive analytical lab services, all of which are backed by Quality Control programs, as to ensure that customers receive the utmost reliable test results.

Massachusetts Cannabis Research Labs

Massachusetts Cannabis Research Labs is the only ISO-17025 accredited medical marijuana testing laboratory located on the East Coast. MCR Labs offers quality assurance in testing all MMJ products, marijuana buds as well as MIP’s. The laboratory utilizes methodologies from the pharmaceutical industry to further improve marijuana test accuracy and lower costs.

Cannasafe Analytics

CannaSafe Analytics (CSA LABS) is the only national ISO17025:2005 accredited cannabis testing laboratory. CannaSafe’s accredited scope includes full cannabinoid and terpenoid profiling, microbiological, heavy metals, pesticide contamination, plant growth regulars and residual solvents.



Cannatest is a Seattle-based laboratory that provides potency testing for THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and THCV, and safety screening for mold and mildew on cannabis and cannabis-related products by using thin layer chromatography.