Edibles & Extracts

LucidMood by Chooze Corp.

Chooze Corp.

Chooze Corp.

Chooze Corp. develops Mood-enhancing Cannabis products — brands that deliver the mood-enhancing effects of cannabis in the safest, healthiest, most environmentally conscious way possible. Our first product, LucidMood, is a line of terpene-infused vaporizable pucks that produce an immediate shift in the mood of anyone who has THC in their system.

The Herbsmith

The Herbsmith creates solventless cannabis concentrates, which is a healthier alternative to BHO and other concentrates made with plant lipids or molds. In addition, The Herbsmith cooks up gourmet THC-infused edibles, including cookies and chocolates.

Green Ticket Bakery

Green Ticket Bakery offers a variety of classic tasting edibles and was founded on the idea that those who cannot inhale should be able to enjoy their THC in a natural and holistic way.

Green Gold

Green Gold Baking Company strives to create the most delicious edibles, while incorporating healthy options to their menu. Green Gold specializes in cannabis-infused treats where the dosages have been lab tested, leaving any guess work out of how much THC may be going into your body.

Big Pete’s Treats

Big Pete’s Treats puts a new meaning to the word “baked”. With nearly a dozen different types of THC-infused cookies for its customers to choose from, Big Pete’s is baking up a variety of cannabis treats and caters to 29 different dispensaries in California.