Angels Hold Cannabis in High Regard

Angels Hold Cannabis in High Regard

Angels Hold Cannabis in High Regard

Founded in 2010, angel investment network The Arcview Group offers a window to gauge investor interest in legalized marijuana. Arcview’s network has invested $125 million in 157 cannabis-sector companies since 2013; membership in the network starts at $2,500. It plans to launch its own venture fund by the end of 2017.

Hundreds of Interested Investors Attend LSU's Medical Marijuana Forum

Hundreds of Interested Investors Attend LSU’s Medical Marijuana Forum

On Oct. 28, 2016, hundreds of interested investors and contractors attended a public medical marijuana forum hosted by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, one of two state-sanctioned medical marijuana cultivators.


Leslie Bocskor Named ArcView’s ‘Outstanding Member’ of the Year

The ArcView Group, one of the best known investment groups focusing on marijuana investments in the United States, has named Leslie Bocskor, the CEO of Electrum Partners as its “Outstanding Investor Member” of 2015.

Lori Ferrara

Investor Dispatch: Lori Ferrara Trailblazing in the Marijuana Industry

Lori Ferrara wasn’t deterred when she walked into her first ArcView meeting and found herself the only female investor among 80 men. She recalls being a little intimidated but took them on “one-by-one” and ended up being the organization’s first female investor.


Investor Dispatch: Steven Trenk at the Vanguard of Legal Marijuana

Steven Trenk entered this industry with more than just a simple interest in marijuana as a market opportunity; he entered as an early adopter with the professional experience to chart his course in legal marijuana.

Market Size

New Report: Marijuana Revenue by State is Between $50-$60 Billion

Marijuana Investor News estimates total related product sales to be between $50 and $60 billion in the United States. In a new report released on September 26, 2014, MJIN estimates the current market size for U.S. marijuana revenue by state.


Pot entrepreneurs seek dollars at ArcView Chicago forum

Garyn Angel had five minutes to make his pitch to five wealthy investors on why they should fund his marijuana startup. “We have 133,000 Facebook followers,” said Angel, president and CEO of Seattle-based Magical Butter, which sells cookware to make marijuana-infused butter, oils, sauces or lotions. “We’re looking for $2 million to $3 million.” Read


Wealthy Investors Meet with Marijuana Startups in Denver

More than 200 high net worth investors from around the world eager to invest in the fast-growing legal marijuana industry will gather at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Grand Seawell Ballroom for a Shark Tank-like pitch forum on Monday, June 23rd hosted by The ArcView Investor Network.