CBIS and RCDU Sign Another Large California Cultivation Land Deal for Two Hundred and Fifty Acres, Scheduled to be Seeded all at Once for Maximum Harvest and Research Production

Cannabis Science CBIS U.S. Federal Government Clearance

IRVINE, Calif., April 13, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC PINK: CBIS), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, is pleased to announce that it has negotiated a deal with the Members of the Winnemucca Tribe Shoshoni MBS Fee Lands for 250 acres of HRM farm lands in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Cannabis Science, RCDU, and its partners look to be one of the country’s largest Cannabinoid producers as this deal has 250 acres, all of which is 100% scheduled to be planted on the Tribal Fee Lands Membership in San Joaquin County.

Each acre has the potential yield of up to 1,600 pounds of CBD rich cannabinoid per growing cycle, or approximately 400,000 lbs. in total. With two to three growing cycles per year, that is a possible yield of up to 1.2M lbs. of rich plant. This is a significant number for cost basis analysis and distribution concerns over lack of product from the huge worldwide demand for quality production. This massive production can only be carried out by highly experienced professional farmers and agriculture experts. HRM Farms, CBIS, and the RCDU Team have exactly what is needed. With the land ready to go right now, the tilling will begin shortly as our regulatory experts are speaking with Authorities for appropriate approvals.

The intent is to create a self-sustaining community of academia, which allows business opportunities, medical advancement, and legal progress to thrive. With approximately 250 acres to work with it is designed to be a completely vertically integrated operations model providing jobs throughout the community for education, medical training, construction, general services and the list goes on.

This deal will propel Cannabis Science and its Native American Partners into the forefront of CBD rich cannabinoid production. The focal point of the community development project is the Raymond C. Dabney University, a school of Law, Business, and Medicine. The Goal of Raymond C. Dabney University (RCDU) is to “provide financially challenged communities an affordable opportunity to acquire a quality legal education beginning with a structured and regulated program in Law.” RCDU will be providing free scholarships and additionally subsidized education packages for Tribe Members of the Community. RCDU and its legal group will work closely with Cannabis Science and the Tribe to manage and operate the University/Cultivation/Medical Complex.

“CBIS has several thousand acres under contract for drug development, educational programs, and job creation from Sovereign Tribal Lands. Working in conjunction with RCDU, Cannabis Science has created an educational, economic development plan, with a job creation package that is second to none; we are all looking to benefit greatly from this type of strategic economic growth program. We are certainly expanding our programs across the Country as we speak; once we begin our television campaigns I think the world will take serious note and stand up with us to make that change,” stated Cannabis Science Inc. President & CEO, Co-Founder, Mr. Raymond C. Dabney.

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Cannabis Science, Inc. takes advantage of its unique understanding of metabolic processes to provide novel treatment approaches to a number of illnesses for which current treatments and understanding remain unsatisfactory. Cannabinoids have an extensive history dating back thousands of years, and currently, there are a growing number of peer-reviewed scientific publications that document the underlying biochemical pathways that cannabinoids modulate. The Company works with leading experts in drug development, medicinal characterization, and clinical research to develop, produce, and commercialize novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment for illnesses caused by infections as well as for age-related illness. Our initial focus is on skin cancers, HIV/AIDS, and neurological conditions. The Company is proceeding with the research and development of its proprietary drugs as a part of this initial focus: CS-S/BCC-1, CS-TATI-1, and CS-NEURO-1, respectively.

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