CCBE Explores Economic Impact of Cannabis Facts for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Economic Analysis

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This year’s California Cannabis Business Expo is special because now, more than ever, we have legitimate data to answer questions on the roll out of legalization. We’re past the tipping point and the real question is no longer whether prohibition should exist, but how to measure the impact of marijuana on the economy and society as a means of empowering legalization’s potential.

On March 5, 2016, at the CCBE in San Francisco, Adam Orens, a founding partner of The Marijuana Policy Group, whose expertise is in market and regional economic analysis as well as public finance, will be addressing the importance of accurate data and how economic and market studies aid progress.

Orens’ demographic and economic research on the emerging marijuana market has been recognized by The New York Times, “60 Minutes,” The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. His recent studies in Colorado, Alaska, Illinois, Maryland, Vermont and other states have examined many facets of medical and recreational marijuana markets, including providing estimates of annual marijuana consumption by residents, tourists and patients; production management methods; and market supply channels. Oren was a lead author of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Market Size and Demand report in 2014 and continues to provide consulting services to the MED, as well as private interests nationwide.

Through a combination of public and proprietary information, The Marijuana Policy Group has constructed the first and only marijuana economic impact model which combines state-level data with marijuana-specific production and sales data to determine the impacts of legalization on the state’s output and employment. The session will reveal the findings on the economic impact of cannabis in Colorado and provide insight on opportunities in California and other markets.

The California Cannabis Business Expo follows MJIC Media’s inaugural event, the Marijuana Investor Summit in Denver in April 2014, which drew more than 1,000 people and 100 exhibitors. The California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco is a unique opportunity to learn about the state of cannabis in California directly from those shaping the legal landscape.

Tickets to the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco can be purchased online.

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