CCBE: Looking at the Future of Cannabis Consumption


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The bud, the burn and the joint may be on their way to becoming quaint images of the past as consumers look for ways to consume cannabis that don’t involve smoking. Vaporizers represent the future of no-burn and no mess cannabis consumption. Vaping is rapidly becoming the preferred method for medical marijuana patients.

Join Chris McElvany, the co-founder of O.penVAPE; Michael Ray, executive director at Bloom Farms; Jeff Nagel, co-founder and lab director at W Vapes; Seibo Shen, the CEO and co-founder of VapeXhale and Tom King, the Senior Director of R&D for OrganaBrands as they discuss the future of cannabis consumption and vaporizers and what this means for the industry as a whole.

The California Cannabis Business Expo follows MJIC Media’s inaugural event, the Marijuana Investor Summit in Denver in April 2014, which drew more than 1,000 people and 100 exhibitors. The California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco is a unique opportunity to learn about the state of cannabis in California directly from those shaping the legal landscape.

Tickets to the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco may be purchased online.

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