Chile Harvesting Largest Medical Cannabis Farm in Latin America


Wikimedia Commons / Rodolfo Ditzel Lacoa / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

According to the Daya Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes alternative therapies, the largest medical cannabis farm in Latin America began harvesting its first crop on March 22, 2016.

With 6,440 plants, the farm, located in Quinamávida, Colbún, in the Maule Region of Chile, is expected to harvest 1.5 tons of cannabis. Knop Laboratories will process the cannabis to manufacture it into phytopharmaceuticals, supplying 4,000 patients across 20 municipalities who suffer from cancer and epilepsy.

“This is an important day. We want to be the first harvest of many that are coming in Latin American countries,” said Ana Maria Gazmuri, Executive Director of the Daya Foundation. “This is a collaborative platform that gestated with 20 municipalities, the University of Valparaiso, Knop Laboratories and three health institutions, and we believe this is an important step forward in Chile in the generation of science and knowledge about the therapy of cannabis.”

One hundred people from Quinamávida are helping to harvest the crop, a task that is expected to take a month and a half.

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