Congressman Bringing Marijuana Policy Event to Capitol Hill

Congressman Bringing Marijuana Policy Event to Capitol Hill

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While Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently gave Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper the impression that there would not be a crackdown on state-legal marijuana programs, the legalization of marijuana at the federal level would be better than a kiss and a promise from Sessions.

In an effort to educate lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., co-sponsor of a bill to end federal prohibition of marijuana, recently announced that he will be hosting The Marijuana Big Thinker Talks on May 3, 2017, at the Rayburn House Office Building Foyer in Washington, D.C.

“Times have changed over the past few years, and I’m thrilled to be hosting the first ever Marijuana Big Thinker Talks at the United States Capitol,” Polis said. “I hope lawmakers will use these discussions as a resource to understand the legitimacy of the cannabis industry. Now that a majority of Americans reside in a part of the country that has legalized medical or recreational cannabis, it’s time for Congress to act and pass federal cannabis legislation.”

The talks will cover federal, state, and local issues, ranging from advocacy, drug policy reform, cannabinoids, taxes, veterans and more.

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