Connecticut Welcomes Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Milford

Unsplash / Get Budding / Public Domain

Unsplash / Get Budding / Public Domain

On Aug. 3, 2016, Southern CT Wellness & Healing opened in Milford, Connecticut. With the addition of SCWH to the state’s list of licensed dispensary facilities, Connecticut now has a total of eight medical marijuana dispensaries.

SCWH is Milford’s first dispensary, but the city should expect a second dispensary, Arrow Alternative Care, to open in the fall, as reported by WTNH.

“The stories they are telling us, how much this medication has helped them. It gets them to do thing they weren’t able to do on a daily basis,” said Raj Patel, manager of SCWH.

According to WTNH, when Connecticut started its medical marijuana program in 2014, there were approximately 1,600 registered patients; however, the number of registered patients has continued to increase, with the program recording a 44 percent jump in patients from Dec. 15, 2015, to June 19, 2016. On Aug. 7, the Department of Consumer Protection’s weekly medical marijuana program update reported 12,415 registered patients.

“So the program is progressing which is good because it’s providing another alternative for people suffering from a limited number but very serious conditions whether it’s cancer, AIDS, ALS, those are serious disease,” said Jonathan Harris, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, to WTNH.

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