Contracts Awarded to Help Develop Ohio Medical Marijuana Program

Contracts Awarded to Help Develop Ohio Medical Marijuana Program / Petar Dojkic / Standard License

Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Making Progress

On Aug. 22, 2017, the Ohio Department of Commerce awarded contracts to two companies to help develop the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. The contracts for the two companies, Metrc and Persistent Systems Inc., total more than $1.75 million.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Metrc, whose contract is worth $1.2 million, beat out four other companies to create and run the state’s seed-to-sale system.

The Florida-based company will implement the system to track medical marijuana plants from cultivation to purchase, a job Metrc has already done in other legal marijuana states, such as Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan and Maryland, as reported by Columbus Business First.

In regards to licensing, Persistent Systems Inc. was selected to create and implement Ohio’s licensing system for cultivators, processors and testing facilities. Persistent Systems beat out three other companies for the $573,600 contract.

According to the Department of Commerce, the state will eventually award a contract for its open video management system, which will provide state officials and regulators with real-time access to live video feeds of all licensed medical marijuana facilities.

The state has estimated that the Ohio medical marijuana program will make $2.3 million off of employee licenses and application fees.

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