Conversations in California: Sonoma County Talks Medical Cannabis Regulations

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On July 27, 2016, the County of Sonoma in California will hold the first of three medical marijuana town hall meetings to receive input on marijuana regulations in Districts 3-5 of unincorporated Sonoma County.

Led by Supervisors of the Medical Marijuana Ad Hoc Committee, the town hall meetings are designed to help the county discuss and develop regulatory recommendations that comply with state law and reflect the county’s mission of preserving environmental resources, protecting public health and safety, and contributing to the county’s economic vitality.

District 5 is the focus of the meeting on July 27, District 3 on July 28 and District 4 on Aug. 2.

According to the Sonoma County Administrator’s Office, “It is time for Sonoma County to begin shaping the future of the local marijuana industry in a way that recognizes the unique character of our County and our communities. The County requests the participation of all stakeholders to assist in and influence this process.”

In addition to the town hall meetings, Sonoma County is conducting an anonymous and confidential survey of the medical cannabis community to study local land use regulations as a means of addressing legal cannabis cultivation and ancillary business in the county.

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