Mile High City Now Accepting Applications for Denver Cannabis Clubs

Mile High City Now Accepting Applications for Denver Cannabis Clubs


The road to regulate Denver cannabis clubs has been a long one and while doors aren’t open quite yet, the city of Denver started accepting applications for cannabis consumption establishment licenses on Aug. 24, 2017, as reported by Denverite.

“Since final adoption of the rules, our team has been diligently working on the technology, applications and business processes for these new licenses,” said Ashley Kilroy, executive director of Denver Excise and Licenses. “We are glad to have these up and running and look forward to hearing from interested businesses.”

The city of Denver may be pleased with its progress, but original drafters and supporters of Initiative 300, the social consumption measure, are unhappy with the finalized rules.

A major point of contention is the distance requirement, which mandates that Denver cannabis clubs have a 1,000-foot buffer zone between their establishments and schools, child-care centers, city parks, pools, recreation centers and drug or treatment facilities.

“Now the pilot program is set up to fail, because there is such little space available in Denver where permits are eligible and none of the original businesses that supported our campaign are able to apply,” said Emmett Reistroffer, a member of Denver’s Social Consumption Advisory Committee, in an email to the committee, as reported by Westword.

According to Kayvan Khalatbari, an original drafter of I-300, “Pretty much everybody that we’ve talked to that was excited about this is either precluded to do so because of distance requirements, or they have zero desire because of other silliness put into these rules.”

Khalatbari and others have threatened to sue the city for circumventing the intent of the social consumption initiative; in the meantime, supporters of I-300 are staging a rally on Aug. 26 to demand the city respect the initiative as passed by voters this past November.

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