Denver Considering Cap on Marijuana Businesses to Address Saturation


On Feb. 22, 2016, Denver City Council’s Marijuana Moratorium Committee met to discuss the saturation rate of marijuana facilities within the city limits.

Councilwoman Robin Kniech presented ideas for a proposal to place a citywide cap on marijuana cultivation centers, dispensaries and commercial kitchens for infused products. While Kniech’s ideas have not yet been put into a formal proposal, her aim is to prevent marijuana business saturation in low-income neighborhoods while still meeting the city’s market demands.

Kniech opened her presentation with the following disclaimer:

The proposal I’m going to walk you through today is more complicated, it’s more complex, than the moratorium proposal, but it also I think gets at some of the challenges better and so it’s a very good example, I think, of that trade-off between simplicity and getting a little closer, not to maybe … so close to perfection, but to a more precise, a little more precise, set of responses. So know that I acknowledge that up front that this going to take a little more time to think about than just saying no to everything.

According to The Denver Post, “In some ways, the upshot of setting location caps on dispensaries and grow houses — both citywide and within smaller geographic areas — would be similar to the recently expanded moratorium, which bars new players from entering the market.”

The Marijuana Moratorium Committee on Feb. 22 was slightly more than 90 minutes long and demonstrated that the issues of moratoriums and caps on marijuana businesses are highly nuanced, prompting extended discussion.

“Next Wednesday, March 2, we’re going to hear feedback from the community. And I will work diligently to figure out what that means, but we’re going to hear from different perspectives, different opinions, so the bulk of next meeting we will hear feedback,” said Council president Chris Herndon.

Footage of this most recent Marijuana Moratorium Committee meeting can be viewed in its entirety below.


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