Does the Marijuana World Need Another Magazine?

Does the Marijuana World Need Another Magazine?

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Marijuana Industry News magazine — Issue 1 — From the Editor’s Desk

The short answer to the headline question is yes, the marijuana world does need another magazine and it needs this one. Although I’m not paid by the word, the inaugural issue of Marijuana Industry News magazine deserves better than a one-word defense, so here it is.

The global legal marijuana industry is probably one of the most complex frontier markets in existence. When, where and under what circumstances is it legal are loaded questions and the answers can’t be taken for granted. Today’s answer may not be the same tomorrow.

Legalization isn’t just marching across the United States — it’s marching around the globe. There is much to learn from the collective experience, and there is much that nascent and developed markets can gain from one another.

At Marijuana Industry News, our mission is to present global thinking that empowers our readers to act locally. Our regional market focus is Southern California, currently a highly progressive medical marijuana market, set to become something much bigger should adult-use be legalized in 2016.

Our global focus in this issue concentrates on compliance, international law, cultivation, medicine, investing and technology. Future issues will include product reviews, post-election analysis and insight into the science of cannabis.

Building a global legal marijuana community requires many voices and we invite our readers to contribute ideas, photos and letters to the editor.

Welcome to the world of legal marijuana!


Kristin Fox

Kristin Fox, Editor in Chief of Marijuana Investor News, is a serial entrepreneur, brand builder, networker and award-winning journalist. Kristin has built successful profit and non-profit businesses in the hedge fund industry for the last 25 years. Prior to that she was a freelance journalist and launched several small trade publications in various industries. Within the hedge fund space she has been an editor, journalist, investment management consultant and a founding board member of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Kristin’s last news venture was sold to Reuters in 2005. She brings her experience in providing news, research and data in nascent industries to the cannabis business with intent to replicate her prior successes. You can follow her on Twitter @FoxInspires.

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