Dr. Bronner’s Pledges More Than $600K to Legalization Efforts in Five States

Dr. Bronner's Pledges More Than $600K to Legalization Efforts in Five States

Flickr / Sam Beebe / CC BY 2.0

On Sept. 19, 2016, Dr. Bronner’s, a leading maker of natural hemp-based soap in North America, announced that it has invested $660,000 into campaigns for the responsible legalization and regulation of marijuana in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and Nevada.

The move to support legalization efforts was prompted by a disagreement with the Organic Trade Association’s recent decision to remove mandatory GMO labels from products; as a result, Dr. Bronner’s resigned from the OTA and decided to redirect its resources to advocate for three key issues: minimum wage increase, improved animal welfare and marijuana policy reform.

Dr. Bronner’s is working with New Approach and the Marijuana Policy Project to end marijuana prohibition. According to a press release from Dr. Bronner’s, “The expected sweep of these states will exert enormous pressure on federal lawmakers to end the racist outdated policy of cannabis prohibition, that shreds productive citizens’ lives and families for no good reason, and focus law enforcement resources instead on actual crime.”

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