First Look at the First Draft of Alberta Cannabis Regulations

First Look at the First Draft of Alberta Cannabis Regulations

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When the province of Alberta announced that it was surveying the public on Alberta cannabis regulations, it didn’t know that more than 45,000 residents would submit their opinions on the matter.

After digesting the enormous amount of survey feedback and hearing from more than 100 stakeholder organizations, Alberta released its first draft of the Alberta Cannabis Framework on Oct. 4, 2017.

“I’d like to thank every Albertan who participated in our various engagements regarding cannabis legalization over the summer. With your input, we’ve drafted a proposed framework to manage legalized cannabis in our province,” said Kathleen Ganley, Alberta’s Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, in a press release.

According to the draft framework, 18 is the minimum age for cannabis purchase and possession, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will oversee and regulate cannabis wholesaling and distribution, 30 grams is the maximum public possession limit, up to four cannabis plants per residence can be grown indoors and cannabis can be consumed at home and in some public areas, but not in cars, schools, hospitals or near places frequented by children, among other proposed regulations.

One area that the proposed regulations do not address is the issue of taxes as it’s still a provincial and federal topic of debate.

“It’s my understanding that it’s been a subject of conversation at the first minister’s meeting as well,” Ganley said during a news conference on Oct. 4 announcing the proposed framework. “Alberta’s position is that we’re going to be bearing most of the upfront costs of this and we’re bearing those costs at a decision taken by the federal government. We think that, initially, given that we are not certain that there will be sufficient revenue to cover the costs, that our costs should take primacy and that they should get covered first.”

Considering this is only the first draft of the Alberta Cannabis Framework, the province is running a second online survey through Oct. 27 to collect public feedback on the proposed regulations.

“We look forward to receiving additional feedback from Albertans on this framework,” Ganley said.

Once the province processes all of the feedback, the final draft of the Alberta Cannabis Framework should be ready by late winter.

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