Eaze Data Reveals Trends in California Marijuana Consumption

Eaze Delivery Platform Data Reveals Trends in California Marijuana Consumption


In 2016, Californians ordered marijuana on the Eaze platform once every 30 seconds, according to the “Eaze Insights: 2016 State of Cannabis Data Report,” released Feb. 8, 2017. That doubled 2015’s rate of an order once every minute.

Eaze, an online platform for marijuana deliveries in California, drew its report from 250,000 platform users and a supplemental survey of 5,000 state residents.

The survey revealed several trends in how Californians are consuming marijuana.

  • In 2015, less than 5 percent of Eaze deliveries included a vaporizer cartridge. But in 2016, cartridges were included in 20 percent of deliveries.
  • Among those who have used opioids for pain relief, 98 percent say marijuana has allowed them to use less.
  • In 2016, Baby Boomers used marijuana 25 percent more than they did the previous year.
  • As an age bracket, Baby Boomers led spending on marijuana with $185 per month in 2016.
  • Women used marijuana 30 percent more in 2016 than they did the previous year.
  • Eaze orders reach their peak around 7 p.m.
  • More than 75 percent said of those surveyed said they drink less alcohol due to their marijuana consumption.

“These data points all point to the same thing: the normalization and mainstream acceptance of marijuana use,” Jim Patterson, CEO of Eaze, said in a Feb. 8, 2017 press release. “Americans are increasingly educated about the benefits of marijuana use, and as the industry continues to grow up and offer professional, easy-to-understand products, we expect that to continue. In 2017, we’ll see the rise of products that are low barrier to entry, low dose, and designed to be used occasionally by professional, working people.”

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