Consumer Alert: Edible Products Manufactured by Frozen Budz Have Not Been Tested

Alaska Suspends Frozen Budz Edible Marijuana Products

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Dec. 1, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office enforcement team has discovered that most edible products produced by Frozen Budz manufacturing facility (license #10012) were not tested as required by 3 AAC 306.550 before being transferred to retail marijuana stores and sold to consumers.

“The products are labeled as having 5 mg of THC per serving, but in reality, each serving may have a great deal more THC,” said Erika McConnell, director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office. “Additionally, the products have not been tested for contaminants such as bacteria, fungus, or mold. Consumers who have purchased products made by Frozen Budz should be aware.”

Products manufactured by Frozen Budz were available at many marijuana retail stores, particularly those in southcentral and central Alaska. Retail establishments with remaining stock of Frozen Budz edibles have been instructed to cease selling the products to consumers.

In accordance with 3 AAC 306.550 and 3 AAC 306.645, edible products are required to be tested for potency (total amount of THC contained within a single retail unit), e coli bacteria, salmonella bacteria, and three types of aspergillus fungus.

License #10012 for Frozen Budz manufacturing facility has been suspended and an investigation is ongoing. The mission of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office is to enforce alcohol and marijuana commerce laws and provide clear, consistent standards for licensure to protect the public from harm. For additional information about the agency, visit For additional information about the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development and its other agencies, please visit

Erika McConnell
Director, Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office
(907) 269-0350

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