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In an age defined by filter failure, not information overload, independent analysts can act as the filters individual investors need to eliminate the extraneous and focus on the essential—the health of capital market intelligence depends upon them.

When MJIC Media LLC, a marijuana media conglomerate, identified the need for objective market intelligence on public companies involved in the legalized marijuana sector, it mobilized its research team to release the first in a quarterly series of research reports on public cannabis companies.

The first six independent research reports covering constituents of MJIC Media’s Marijuana Index include: American Cannabis Company (OTCQB: AMMJ), CannaVest Corp. (OTCQB: CANV), Heliospectra AB (OTCQB: HLSPY), The MaryJane Group (OTCQB: MJMJ), MassRoots (OTCQB: MSRT) and Terra Tech (OTCQX: TRTC).

MJIC Media’s reports are unbiased and deliver robust data for current and prospective investors who want to advance their market intelligence. Each market report contains relevant trading and historical data, as well as information on company principals, corporate legal history and sector analysis.

“Initiating coverage on these first six constituents of the Marijuana Index reflects our continued commitment to transparency in the public marijuana marketplace,” said David Friedman, CEO of MJIC Media.

Despite efforts by industry leaders, cannabis-related stocks remain highly volatile—current and prospective investors need to remember that MJIC Media’s reports are designed to inform what should be a multi-faceted research process. To help investors with this process, MJIC Media is now offering a free company research report to those who complete the investor survey below. Once complete, you will be given a coupon code for a free company research report of your choice from MJIC Media.

While capital market intelligence depends upon independent analysts, it also depends upon individual investors dedicated to the power of actionable investment intelligence.

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