Evoxe Vaporizers: Enhancing the Entourage Effect

Evoxe Vaporizers

Evoxe Laboratories, a relatively new player in the cannabis market, is making quite an impact with its innovative line of vaporizer pens. While vape pens are nothing new in and of themselves, Evoxe has put a fresh spin on the idea—combining aromatherapy and cannabis therapy into a patient-centered product. This was all in effort to, according to Evoxe president Michael Katz, “provide a more enhanced medicating experience.”

Combining the two therapies into an easy to use product was a natural step for Evoxe, and the vaporizing delivery system was chosen for its ease of use, efficacy and popularity. The pens are not only discreet, but each pen contains an average of 150 puffs. After each pen is spent, Evoxe encourages its customers to simply return empty pens to the points of purchase where Evoxe will collect and recycle them.

While studies are still being conducted regarding the use of vaporizers, electronically powered vaporizers like Evoxe are being shown to be effective and safe delivery methods of both CBD and THC, especially when compared to traditional smoking methods.

According to Katz, the formulas for the blends of cannabis and essential oils were developed with a PhD botanist who was previously a professor at the University of Colorado.

“These are organically grown, therapeutic grade, essential oils. And we have 5-7 percent blends so there’s only 5-7 percent essential oil to 93-95 percent cannabis oil,” Katz said.

A very intentionally developed product line, Evoxe has designed its products to engage particular states of mind, with each pen targeting a specific mood. The difference between Evoxe and its competitors has been made clear in product reviews.

The Legion of Smoke, a legion of secret shoppers providing Southern California with unbiased medical marijuana edible and product reviews, tested and reviewed all four of Evoxe’s vape pens—Balance, Stealth, Engage, Deep—at the beginning of 2016.

“I think Evoxe Laboratories has struck the right balance between great design and providing a smooth and potent smoking experience,” said Rudiger Jones, a product reviewer for The Legion of Smoke. “Their products are lab tested, the results are linked to the product and they aren’t hiding anything. They are doing all the right things and we support the work their (sic) doing.”

Katz noted that the company’s four specific pen flavors were designed to bring out certain aspects of THC and CBD strains.

“The blends were chosen to highlight the natural properties of the various cannabis types. We went after the mood that each type creates on its own and found ingredients that would help to enhance that.”



For the cannabis user not specifically looking for the effects of THC, the Balance pen is the perfect choice. One of Evoxe’s most popular products, Evoxe says the pen offers “all of the neuroprotectant properties of cannabis without the altered senses.”

This product not only differentiates itself by its award winning CBD isolate, a product developed by Isodiol, the essential oils in it are engineered into a specific combination—frankincense to refresh, ylang ylang to improve the mood, geranium to clean out toxins and tangerine to wake up senses.

Lauded by customers, Balance made The Northwest Leaf’s 2015 Cannabis Gift Guide.



For the modest cannabis user looking for an even blend, Stealth offers a high terpene solution. While at first glance it may seem like the least complex pen on the roster, Stealth blends indica and sativa oils to create a smooth hybrid experience. The only pen in the line that does not contain essential oils, it is named stealth because it’s the most discreet vaporizer on the market and its tip does not fully light up.



Like its name suggests, Engage is a sativa vaporizer pen meant to invigorate the user. It utilizes peppermint for its analgesic properties and as a mental stimulant, lime as a refresher, cinnamon for its circulatory and respiratory benefits and finally cypress, which has properties that help with blood flow and breathing disorders. According to Brian Penny of ThoughtForYourPenny.com, “It’s the iPhone of vape pens.”



For customers looking to relax, the Deep vaporizer has an indica base to soothe the mind and body. The natural properties of indica are enhanced with a blend of essential oils, combining lavender, chamomile and orange. All three of these essential oils are known for anxiety reduction properties, and orange is known to be one of the safest natural sedatives.


Beyond Moods

Evoxe is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the cannabis market, whether choosing a vaporizing pen for medicinal purposes or to reach a desired mood.

Evoxe does more than tell users how they’re going to feel; as Katz explained, “It gives them discretion, it gives them portability and it gives them an enhanced experience that literally no other vaporizer provides.”

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