Experts in New Mexico Support MMJ as Tool to Tackle Opioid Crisis

Experts in New Mexico Support MMJ as Tool to Tackle Opioid Crisis

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On Nov. 4, 2016, the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board to the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program voted in favor of adding “opiate use disorder” to the state’s list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana as a treatment option.

“The bottom line is making medical cannabis accessible to New Mexicans who are dependent on opioids for pain management or who are struggling with opioid or heroin use will save lives,” said Jessica Gelay, policy coordinator at the Drug Policy Alliance.

According to Sante Fe New Mexican, the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board also voted in favor of adding Alzheimer’s disease as a qualifying condition and to allow health care providers to certify medical marijuana patients through services such as Skype so that prospective patients in sparsely populated areas of the state could more easily meet with registered providers.

New Mexico Health Secretary Lynn Gallagher has the final say in adopting the board’s recommendations. If Gallagher adopts the two new qualifying conditions, several thousand additional patients will be eligible for the state’s medical marijuana program.

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