Anonymous Bags



Broomfield, CO, United States: Exit Packaging and Child-resistant Containers


Founded: 2013
Employees: 2
Company Stage: Entering Growth Stage
Investor Relations Contact:
John Patterson, Founder & President
(303) 309-0343 x101
[email protected]



John Patterson, Founder & President
Michael Petersen, Vice President of Sales



Anonymous Bags offers customers a safe and secure portable storage solution for medicines of all kinds. Each product is child-resistant, lockable and made with materials that are safe for holding food and medicine. Anonymous Bags is an answer to Colorado’s packaging requirements. Brand promise: Anonymous Bags will always be discrete.



Revenue Driver:
Colorado’s exit packaging requirements. Anonymous Bags is a reusable solution that cuts down on the packaging of individual servings and it meets child-resistant requirements. The option of a custom logo on the product helps drive return customer rates for dispensaries.


Anonymous Bags has a few competitors operating on the periphery of its market, none of whose attention is solely focused on creating exceptional exit packaging and child-resistant containers.

Competitive Advantage:

Superior quality product that offers a discrete and secure lockable storage solution.

Business Model:

Create and deliver high-quality bags to customers that meet or exceed Colorado’s M.E.D. and ASTM D-3475 standards for child-resistance. As volumes increase, company will pursue the next level of product customization.


Currently funded through out-of-pocket resources and a loan.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:

Formalizing business plan that seeks investors to help build capital to fund demands for increased inventory. Listening to customer feedback for future innovations. Ramping up social media campaigns. Attending tradeshows to develop relationships with consumers, including the International Cannabis Association’s conference June 22-23, 2014, in Las Vegas and Seattle Hempfest August 15-27, 2014.


20-25 accounts with dispensaries in Colorado, mostly concentrated in Denver.

Target Market:

Anonymous Bags are for anyone who wants to protect privacy, pets and/or children.


Discrete Bag Series (Retail prices range from $3.99 to $19.99)

USC – least expensive models also comply with Colorado’s medicinal- and adult-use marijuana laws for child-resistant exit packaging, including Colorado M.E.D. and ASTM D-3475.

EVA – feature our best storage options, as well as highest quality design and construction. All EVA series bags are fully compliant with Colorado cannabis laws for both medical and adult-use dispensaries.

ITB – perfect for carrying larger cannabis-infused products such as bottled or canned drinks, cakes and sweets, hard candies, chewables and other edibles. All ITB series containers are fully compliant with Colorado cannabis laws for both medical and adult-use dispensaries.

MMB – designed for quick, secure and protective carries of cannabis, edibles and other items. All ITB series containers are padded and lined to protect internal contents and provide heavy-duty odor resistance.

*Scent-suppression linings on many models

*Two models incorporate a foam organizer system

Customer Problem:

Meeting inventory demands.


John Patterson, Founder & President, has more than 20 years of experience in the luggage and bag industry, including experience in textiles and consumer products. He owns 100% of the company.

Michael Petersen, Vice President, has a long history of experience in national and international sales, including LED lighting and embroidery equipment.



Philosophy: Listen to Customers, Serve Customers and Be Profitable.

Anonymous Bags offers a way to invest in the industry without worrying about federal regulations regarding marijuana. It is an ancillary play.

The original idea for Anonymous Bags revolved around storing medicine because the founder is diabetic.

The product was initially sold as an accessory. However, the advent of Colorado’s laws regarding exit packing and child-resistant packaging prompted the company to make its product compliant with state laws while also supplying a niche market.

Upcoming developments: optimizing volume and cost equation; being aggressive in the market and developing future products.

Next opportunity: Work with glass piece manufacturers to create a product customized for their products.

John Patterson believes Anonymous Bags has a relatively good risk profile from an investment standpoint.

On January 1, 2014, Colorado’s first day of legal marijuana sales, John Patterson worked in a dispensary and sold 800 Anonymous Bags for a phenomenal hands-on experience with customers.

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