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Colorado’s Cannabis Tax Revenue for Public Education

Colorado’s Cannabis Tax Revenue for Public Education

It is an ironic twist that seems appropriate for the marijuana business. Taxes collected from the retail sale of marijuana will be used to educate teens in Colorado about the dangers of drug use.

Native Americans

Native Americans in Marijuana Market

With recent support of recreational and medicinal marijuana use sweeping the states, First Nation communities are exploring the economical advantages and social implications of growing cannabis.

Private Equity

Private Equity Pairs with Marijuana

Private equity (PE) firms in the United States are primarily known for making financial investments in private companies that need a long holding period for funds. This is often done for new technologies, making acquisitions or to expand a balance sheet.


Cannabis Legalization Brings Out Big Names and Money in Opposition

As with every pending change in the American legislative world, any shifts to the status quo will bring out those who are for and against an issue, including the lobbying dollars of high-profile companies and individuals.


Medical Marijuana For Your Memory? Research Says Maybe

Medical use of marijuana has been gaining legal status and popularity throughout the United States. Currently, it is most frequently known for its medicinal purposes of curbing nausea and reducing pain for those with chronic diseases, cancer or glaucoma.

Hemp Batteries

Hemp Will Power Batteries in the Future

The August 28, 2014, issue of Rolling Stone has octogenarian Willie Nelson on the cover, calling him “America’s most beloved outlaw.” Within the story Willie says thusly, “You can bust me for weed, and I’ll pay my fine or go to jail.”