Bainbridge Island, WA, USA: Cannabis Potency Testing and Cannabinoid Profiling


Founded: 2009
Employees: 8
Company Stage: Growth
Investor Relations Contact:
Klaas Hesselink
CEO & Co-founder
[email protected]



Klaas Hesselink, CEO & Co-founder
Derek Houston, COO & Co-founder
Hamilton Foro, Processing/ Operations Manager & Co-founder
Carl Kerridge, Customer Relations & Co-founder



Cannatest is a Seattle-based laboratory that provides potency testing for THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and THCV, and safety screening for mold and mildew on cannabis and cannabis-related products by using thin-layer chromatography. Services include cannabis potency and profiling, microbial analysis for growers and processors, portable testing units for professionals and hobbyists, monthly certification workshops and trainings, and the first of its kind database that allows Cannatest to input, track, invoice and share data from test results.

With the first internationally validated analytical method and laboratory protocol, designated by the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, Cannatest has opened satellite offices in Oregon, California, Connecticut and Colorado, and is preparing to open an office in Hawaii. Cannatest’s research and development team has satellite labs in Holland, France and Spain.



Revenue Driver:
Several large companies, including O.pen Vape, a cannabis oil extraction company, use Cannatest to test their cannabis and cannabis-related products for potency and mold/mildew spores.

Certification workshops at the lab in Seattle where participants are taught the protocols to use the in-house Cannatest system, including all of the chemicals and components required when conducting the in-house test.


Laboratories using thin-layer chromatography or other scientific methods to test cannabis and cannabis-related products.

Competitive Advantage:

Cannatest offers affordable, accessible and expedient cannabis testing with honest results.

Business Model:

After launching Cannatest, establishing satellite offices and offering workshops, Cannatest is now moving into the third stage of its business model: developing Cannabidata, a comprehensive online database platform for standardized cannabis analysis data, to be the leading online strain catalog linked with medical evaluations.

Cannatest has partnered with The Werc Shop to re-validate its standards from its European partners to convert to American standards.


Funded out of pocket.

Sales/Marketing Strategy:

The approach to date has been mostly grass roots through strong web and social media presence. Cannatest has also aligned itself with industry leaders and engaged in Cannabis expos and conferences.


Extraction producers

Target Market:


Products & Services:

Test laboratory
Certification workshops

Customer Problem:

In regards to customer acquisition, it takes sincere effort to convince people that testing for potency and safety screening is important for establishing industry standards and safeguards.

In regards to retention, the high level of competitive pricing in the testing market persuades some clients to try other test labs that may offer cheaper services, but they often sacrifice quality in the process.

Cannatest’s kit requires manual operation, which may deter those customers who prefer automated or mailed results.


Klaas Hesselink, CEO & Co-founder, is a Dutch native and widely regarded as a thought leader in the emerging legalized cannabis industry. He currently is the founder and CEO of both Sound CO2 and Cannatest, a potency testing lab for producers, patients, dispensaries and doctors. He was the former owner of a multi-million-dollar retail operation. Hesselink is active in the Washington state medical cannabis community and is also one of the founding members of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics.

Hamilton Foro, Processing/Operations Manager & Co-founder, earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and he has had professional experience at Microsoft and other tech startups. Hamilton has immersed himself in learning the medical cannabis industry’s extraction and refining process. In 2011, he joined Cannatest and designed its first database from the ground up by creating an interface management system that fully utilizes valuable test results according to strain.

Derek Houston, COO & Co-founder, has been focusing on professionalizing the cannabis industry on an international scale since graduating from Seattle University. Houston promotes science in the industry and highlights the potential of the cannabis plant. Houston is also the COO for Sound CO2.

Carl Kerridge, Customer Relations & Co-founder, focuses on building and developing platforms for personal and social interaction for Cannatest and its database, Cannabidata. Kerridge is the only active member not to reside in the state of Washington; he works online to support the growth of Cannatest’s customer base and media relations.


Cannatest is drafting an investment proposal for Cannabidata, its comprehensive online database platform for standardized cannabis analysis data. The database is in the beta testing stage, but Cannatest will seek funding to expand once it is fully operational.

Cannabidata is a patient-driven service based on scientific results, rather than anecdotal experiences reported by recreational users.

Hesselink and Kerridge met 20 years ago when traveling together in Australia, both born in Europe and now living in the United States, this is their first business venture together.

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