It’s Time to Break the Sound Barrier

sound barrier

State-by-state we crawl closer to legalization, if only on the medical side. Recreational will catch up at some point. The tiny voice in the wilderness that cried out for the legalization and legitimization of the plant is crescendoing into an international roar.

The May 25, 2015, cover of Time Magazine featured a white mouse smoking a joint and clutching a lighter in its tiny paws. “The highly divisive, curiously underfunded and strangely promising world of pot science” was the headline. This is not the first time that Time has had a marijuana cover story, but it is the first time it coincided with the staid National Geographic joining the hue and cry with “WEED: The New Science of Marijuana” on its cover.

It is slightly more than a year since we launched MJINews with the intent to bring investors and entrepreneurs the information they need to make smart business and investing decisions. The industry we knew a year ago is not the same one we’re chronicling now and it won’t be the same in six months or a year.

You gave us a voice and affirmed our assumptions by returning day after day and sharing our stories on social media and contributing your own pieces. Many of you joined us at our first Marijuana Investor Summit last month in Denver and further affirmed the need for networking and education for investors and entrepreneurs.

As you gave us a voice, we now offer you one in return. This marks the launch of our new editorial section and we invite you to contribute your opinions in the form of op-eds and letters to the editor. There are a lot of strong opinions surrounding cannabis and I’m certain each of you has one worth sharing. This is your marketplace of ideas. Submit them to [email protected] and let your voice join the others.

Gone are the days of the voices crying in the wilderness. Next to go is the roar. It’s time to break the sound barrier.

Kristin Fox, Editor in Chief of Marijuana Investor News, is a serial entrepreneur, brand builder, networker and award-winning journalist. Kristin has built successful profit and non-profit businesses in the hedge fund industry for the last 25 years. Prior to that she was a freelance journalist and launched several small trade publications in various industries. Within the hedge fund space she has been an editor, journalist, investment management consultant and a founding board member of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Kristin’s last news venture was sold to Reuters in 2005. She brings her experience in providing news, research and data in nascent industries to the cannabis business with intent to replicate her prior successes. You can follow her on Twitter @FoxInspires.

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