Jamaica Making Progress With Dispensary Training Workshops

Jamaica Making Progress With Dispensary Training Workshops

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On Aug. 21, 2017, the Jamaican Ministry of Health announced that it has been making progress with its dispensary training workshops, teaching medical, scientific and health professionals how to properly dispense medical cannabis.

“To date 39 physicians, 22 pharmacists, two scientific researchers, and 17 National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) staff members have been trained by NeuroPsych Services,” the MOH stated in a press release, as reported by the Jamaica Observer.

The dispensary training workshops began in July, with one on July 16 and another on July 23. The next workshop will be in October.

While Jamaica’s medical cannabis program isn’t fully functioning yet, the country is being proactive with its dispensary training workshops as doctors must be certified in the use of medical cannabis before they can make recommendations to patients.

“Physicians completing the accredited course offered by NeuroPsych Services receive a certificate of registration to recommend medicinal cannabis in Jamaica and will appear on the ministry’s register, which will be shared with the Pharmacy Council and pharmacies in Jamaica. This certification is renewable every two years. Pharmacists completing the course receive a certificate of completion,” the MOH explained in its press release. “Physicians with similar and verifiable training elsewhere can also become registered by the Ministry of Health to prescribe/recommend medicinal cannabis in Jamaica. The certification is supported by the Medical Association of Jamaica and the NCDA.”

As of July 27, the Cannabis Licensing Authority had received 236 applications, covering all license categories in the supply chain, according to the Jamaica Information Service.

Of the 236 applications, two have been granted licenses, but both have one more step before the CLA will issue the actual licenses.

“If a person has been granted a license but has either not yet paid the security bond or the fees, the licence is not issued. So, for those two applicants, that is currently what we are waiting on,” said Hyacinth Lightbourne, Chairperson of the Cannabis Licensing Authority.

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