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Cannabis: The Worst Kept Secret in Athletics

Cannabis: The Worst Kept Secret in Athletics

For years, cannabis use has been the worst kept secret in athletics. It’s widespread in just about every amateur and professional arena from universities to the Olympics to the major leagues.

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Former Bronco: NFL Needs Weed

Nate Jackson, former Denver Broncos tight-end and author, aired a grievance last week with the National Football League that wasn’t related to Ray Rice. In a New York Times op-ed, Jackson called the NFL’s policy on marijuana use “absurd.” Furthermore, in the article he admitted to medicating with cannabis throughout his career, and suggested that he


NFL Rethinks Marijuana

The debate on what should happen to marijuana convictions has already started, and will continue for as long as federal law is out of harmony with states like Colorado and Washington.

The discussion has spread to the NFL, with Cleveland Brown’s Josh Gordon likely sitting on the bench for 2014. As Toronto Sun points out, pot is hardly performance enhancing, so why can’t players roll their own? The NFL is there to police a sport, not the nation’s ethical contradictions.