The Scientifically Made, Great Tasting THC Soda - Sprig - Launches in Southern California


ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The creators of Sprig — the delicious, refreshing, THC-infused citrus soda — announced that distribution of the product has begun in Southern California and is now available in select medical marijuana dispensaries. Sprig is the first scientifically made, low dose THC beverage in California. Sprig advocates a safe, social, light-use message for new and experienced cannabis consumers.

“A lab-made, light cannabis beverage is the ideal way to consume medical marijuana.  It is healthier than smoking, and safer than current high dose, homemade edible products. Sprig was created by experienced scientists and beverage experts. As marijuana reform sweeps North America, people deserve a superior product they can trust,” said Sprig founder, Michael Lewis.

Earlier this week, Sprig began widespread distribution to Southern California’s top medical marijuana dispensaries. Sprig is available in 12 ounce cans, each with 15 milligrams of THC extracted from premium cannabis. Sprig’s scientifically-made THC blend and flavor results in a great experience every time — a citrus soda that is delicious and uplifting with noticeable effects in less than 30 minutes.

Sprig promotes only safe and responsible adult use by authorized medical marijuana consumers in California. Sprig will be available for general recreational use, only if and when approved in California (expected in November 2016).  When recreational use is approved, Sprig believes it will be positioned as a leading choice for marijuana consumers.

In addition to partnering with experienced scientists and beverage makers, Sprig’s creators have worked with branding and advertising professionals to create an approachable image that communicates Sprig’s commitment to quality and safety.

“Cannabis legalization has made significant strides. We believe it’s up to sellers of cannabis products to make sure that they are used in a safe and positive way. Sprig is a product that is refreshing, delicious and delivers a low-dose effect that is social and energetic. We view this as a healthier alternative not only to smoking marijuana, but to drinking alcohol,” Lewis added.

Sprig is a venture-backed medical cannabis consumer brand. In early 2015, Sprig’s creators completed a seed round of funding from professional investors around the country and intend to continue raising capital for research and development, distribution, and marketing efforts.




CONTACT: Michael Lewis, [email protected], Newport Beach, CA, USA, +1.929.706.9124


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