Uruguayan Pharmacies Start Selling Recreational Cannabis for First Time

Pixabay / SeaweedJeezus / CC0 Public Domain

Pixabay / SeaweedJeezus / CC0 Public Domain

With Uruguay becoming the first country in the world to regulate recreational cannabis production and sales, Uruguayan pharmacies are playing a critical role in world cannabis history.

Official sales started today, on July 19, 2017, with 16 Uruguayan pharmacies registered to dispense cannabis to citizens or permanent residents that are 18-years-old or older and registered with the government-run cannabis program.

According to the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis, 4,959 citizens have registered with the program.

Each registrant can purchase up to 40 grams of cannabis per month, with a current price of 187.04 Uruguayan pesos, or US $6.53, for a 5-gram container. This equates to paying $1.30 per gram, of which $0.90 is allocated for the country’s cannabis cultivation companies and the rest being divided between pharmacies and the IRCC’s prevention programs.

Registrants can choose from two different varieties of cannabis, ALFA I or BETA I, with ALFA I being an indica-dominant hybrid variety with 2% THC and 7% CBD and BETA I being a sativa-dominant hybrid with 2% THC and 6% CBD.

Photo Credit: IRCCA

Photo Credit: IRCCA

Beyond registering to buy cannabis from Uruguayan pharmacies, adults also have the option to join a cultivation cooperative or grow up to six plants at home. The country currently has 63 cannabis co-ops and 6,948 home growers.

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