First Medical Marijuana Dosage Calculator Launched on the Apple App Store


BOCA RATON, Fla., May 7, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – Maridose LLC, the Florida based company founded by former Procter & Gamble executive and advertising consultant, announced today that its’ new Maridose Marijuana Dosage Calculator is now available on the Apple APP store. “This is the first application that enables a patient to determine the best strain and delivery method to treat their symptoms.” said Richard Shain, CEO of Maridose LLC. “While treatment journals are not uncommon, this application lets a patient compare the effectiveness of different dosages and delivery methods whether using smoked, vaporized or edible marijuana products.

Shain explained that the concept for the calculator came after a conversation with a friend who was undergoing chemo therapy. “He was frustrated that his dispensary could not recommend the best strains and dosage to treat his symptoms. I realized that the same logic we used at my former company to evaluate multi million dollar advertising budgets could be used to evaluate medical marijuana treatments.”

No accepted medical protocols exist to treatment a patient’s symptoms when they are prescribed medical marijuana. They are on their own regarding the best dosage and strain to treat their symptoms. The Maridose application helps solve this problem.

Maridose LLC has applied to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to manufacture marijuana for researchers. In a unique alliance with an internationally known medical marijuana supplier Maridose will establish a cultivation facility and research Center of Excellence in Maine. “While our dosage calculator is a short-term solution to the lack of protocols, our goal is to support researchers in the quest to establish marijuana as a safe and effective medicine.”

Richard Shain

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