Florida Debate Reveals Fault Lines on Amendment 2

Amendment 2


A debate in Florida revealed the fault lines in public opinion as the state prepares to vote on Amendment 2, a ballot measure that would legalize medical marijuana.

The Oct. 18, 2016, debate in Orlando pitted Amendment 2 supporter and attorney John Morgan against drug-addiction expert Dr. Jessica Spencer, according to an undated article at WTSP.com.

A key issue in the debate was whether medical marijuana provides significant care to patients.

Spencer said, “There’s no conclusive evidence that marijuana as an entire plant works as medicine.”

But Morgan, using his ill brother as an example, replied, “What this is is a cure, a help, for really, really sick people.”

While advertisements by the opposing No on 2 group have said marijuana will be “marketed to kids” and “sold next to schools,” Morgan described those claims as scare tactics.

“The zoning out for the dispensaries will be determined by the cities. What the edibles can be packaged in will be determined by the state,” Morgan said.

But Spencer said the wording of the amendment is problematic.

“This is de facto legalization of marijuana, simply by the way they wrote it,” she said. “If you didn’t want them near schools, and you wanted to protect our communities, you should’ve written it in there.”

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