Friday Talking Points

talking points

Wow, that was a great U.S. jobs report! If you are hiding under a rock, you may have missed just how many jobs were created over the last three months. This was the strongest employment report we have seen since the 90s. We can’t help but think how the burgeoning cannabis industry is helping America get back to work.

Early equity enthusiasm turned south in the afternoon after Standard & Poors cut Greece’s debt rating from B to B-. The S&P 500 declined by 0.36% to 2,055. It is Friday so that must mean weak action in the cannabis public markets. Confirmed – prices and volumes were lousy today, ending a negative week on a negative note. Purge, purge, purge!

Daily Positive: Yay, it’s Friday!

Daily Negative: MDBX continues to hemorrhage market cap as the stock price plunged again today. We are not cheering this bloodbath. However, the warning signs were there and this was unjustifiably one of the largest companies in the sector. Gravity has taken over.

One of the biggest movies in theaters right now is American Sniper. (SPOILER ALERT) This film is based on the true story of a famous sniper who served several terms of duty only to later be killed by a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD. Recently there has been much discussion around cannabis and the potential role it can play in alleviating PTSD suffered by veterans. We do not give enough support to those who go to battle. They return to society and are often expected to easily acclimate to a new lifestyle after living under tremendous stress and witnessing nightmarish scenarios.

Cannabis has been shown to provide relief and yet researchers like Dr. Sue Sisley are met with constant roadblocks in their efforts to gain more understanding. The Surgeon General just made a statement that there are likely helpful aspects of the plant, so this could point to progress. When considering the ways to spread the word about the positive side of cannabis, it might be a good idea to introduce this into the conversation via the topic of veterans with PTSD and the record breaking film.


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Morgan is a Founding Partner and Managing Director of Poseidon Asset Management. He is the Chief Investor of their Cannabis Focused Fund. Morgan previously worked for a privately owned Registered Investment Adviser and earlier was at UBS Financial Services focusing on wealth management. Morgan believes in the potential of the cannabis industry and likes having an active involvement as it develops. You can follow him on Twitter @PoseidonAsset.

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