Gallup Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Support Legalization

Gallup Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Support Legalization

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On Oct. 19, 2016, Gallup released its latest poll on marijuana legalization support in the United States, finding that public support is at 60%, a record-breaking percentage for legalization in Gallup’s 47-year polling history.

In 1969, when Gallup first posed the legalization question to Americans, only 12% supported it. While support for legalization has waxed and waned through the years, it rose to 31% in 2000 and has steadily climbed ever since, reaching majority support in 2013.

With support hitting 58% in 2015, Gallup is not sure whether this latest poll indicates that support for legalization is stabilizing or inching up; however, Gallup’s demographic breakdown does indicate that support has risen in every age group over the past 10 years.

After polling 1,017 American adults, aged 18 and older, Gallup calculated that “support is up 33 percentage points to 77% among adults aged 18 to 34, while it is up 16 points among adults aged 55 and older to 45%.”

“The topline number obviously bodes well for the marijuana measures on state ballots next month. But what gives me even more hope are the demographic breakdowns showing just how strongly young people support ending prohibition,” said Tom Angell, Chairman of Marijuana Majority, in a statement.

According to Angell, “It’s more clear than ever that legalization is the future. More politicians — presidential candidates included — would do themselves a big favor to take note of the clear trend and then vocally support legislation catering to the growing majority of Americans who support modernizing failed marijuana policies.”

Five percent of Americans currently live in a state with legalized marijuana; however, with multiple states voting on legalization measures in the upcoming election, the passage of all such measures would increase that percentage 25%.

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