Hawaii Medical Marijuana Registry Gaining Patients in Oahu

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Registry Gaining Patients in Oahu

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While the Aloha State has yet to approve any labs to test medical marijuana, demand is growing as the Hawaii medical marijuana registry continues to add patients.

On July 14, 2017, the Hawaii Department of Health released the registry’s month-end data for the month of June, with Oahu logging 5,129 registered patients, comprising 29% of the state’s patients registered with the Hawaii medical marijuana registry.

Oahu had 25% of the state’s medical marijuana patient population back in December, as reported by the Hawaii Tribune Herald, marking a 4% patient-count increase by the end of June.

While the June report shows Hawaii Island, the Big Island, logging 6,694 patients, comprising 38% of the state’s patients, this is a drop from the Big Island’s standing at 40% in March and then its 42% this past December.

“I think the Big Island is reaching the saturation point,” said Andrea Tischler, chairwoman of the Big Island chapter of Americans for Safe Access, to the Hawaii Tribune Herald. ” … And there are many more people (on Oahu), which is why they might be seeing the biggest increase in numbers and I’m happy for that. I’m glad Oahu is catching up, they need to.”

The Hawaii medical marijuana registry will likely continue to add patients, so the demand will increase while the supply is forced to wait for the DOH to approve a medical marijuana testing lab to test products before they can be sold.

According to Hawaii News Now, the DOH plans to approve at least one lab applicant at some point this summer.

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