Hemp History Week Raising Hemp Awareness Across America

Hemp History Week Raising Hemp Awareness Across America

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The acceptance of medical and recreational cannabis legalization has been spreading across the United States, but hemp, the non-intoxicating member of the cannabis family, has been enjoying its own rise in popularity. With industrial hemp farming now legal in 33 states, the 8th annual Hemp History Week has events scheduled across the country from June 5-11, 2017, to raise awareness about hemp’s history as a means of enriching its future.

Hemp History Week Events

Hemp History Week, organized by the Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp, launched on Monday, June 5, at the Rodale Institute, one of Pennsylvania’s 16 licensees approved to conduct hemp farming trials, with a hemp press conference, farm tour and luncheon.

From Maui Brewing Company launching its Hemp ESB in Hawaii to Colorado Hemp Industries Association’s hemp field trips across the state, there are a variety of hemp-related events happening in America this week.

Featured Farmers

As a part of the celebration, Hemp History Week has selected Margaret MacKenzie, Clint Palmer and Chimney Rock Farms for its 2017 farmer spotlight, all of whom are furthering agricultural hemp education, community and opportunity in their own ways.

“Here is what really excites me about hemp farming in the US—There is truly an opportunity to empower the farm economy,” MacKenzie told Hemp History Week. “Hemp is unique in that every part of the plant is usable in products that are better than what currently exists in the marketplace, from organic protein sources to healing oils to even building materials.”

According to Chimney Rock Farms, “The Hemp plant contains over a 100 cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes and flavonoids that could become the basis of a new Craft Hemp industry like the Craft Beer and Wine industries. We believe this will present a major opportunity for artisan growers and to help bring economic benefits of agritourism back to rural communities.”

As a creative way to spread hemp awareness, “If your state department of agriculture will allow for it, each farmer should do a small maze to help educate the community around the farm,” Palmer suggested.

If you’d like to learn more about hemp, the Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp are holding a live tweet event on Monday, June 5, at 8 p.m. EDT.

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