Hybrid Tech and Lemnis Oreon International Partnership May Revolutionize Cannabis Industry

Hybrid Tech

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 14 , 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Hybrid Tech, LLC – the cannabis industry’s premier design, engineering and consulting firm – today announced a strategic international partnership with Lemnis-Oreon, the world’s leader in hydronically cooled LED grow light manufacturing.

Based in the Netherlands, Lemnis-Oreon launched its first water-cooled fixtures in 2007 and have since been widely adopted in the European agricultural market. Hybrid Tech is now the first U.S. distributor of Lemnis-Oreon lighting products in the United States.

Hybrid Tech’s CEO & President, Dan Gustafik said this of the partnership, “We are very excited to unveil the revolutionary Lemnis Oreon LED; the best hydronically cooled LED in existence. No longer will Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) chambers have to remove the energy from radiant lighting solutions – the Lemnis solution elegantly shuttles 2/3 of the heat outside. Combining this technology with our chiller solutions facilitates an unbeatable thermal load reduction.”

This strategic partnership will allow access to hydronically-cooled LED lighting solutions that were previously unavailable to cultivators in the United States. Gustafik expects that professional cultivators and large-scale grow operations will see big advantages to the Lemnis-Oreon lighting systems, “Hydronic cooling already provides cooling and dehumidification with the best-in-class energy efficiency and now it removes the massive lighting fixture load as well. This is a complete breakthrough for large scale CEA systems. Every cultivar needs to look at this lighting technology as it will be a revolutionizing force in the cannabis industry.”

Interested parties can contact Hybrid Tech at www.HybridTech.US and at [email protected]. And for more information about Lemnis-Oreon products, click here.

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