Illinois Medical Cannabis Dispensary Salveo Health & Wellness Is Now Open

Salveo Health

Salveo Health & Wellness is now open and serving patients. The dispensary is among the first to sell medical cannabis in the state of Illinois.


CANTON, Ill., Nov. 9, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — The Salveo Health & Wellness medical cannabis dispensary has officially opened its doors and has medical cannabis available from several cultivators in the state. The dispensary has established one of the most affordable pricing structures in Illinois in order to make sure that patients will be able to purchase the medicine they need to treat their conditions, and the dispensary is offering expanded hours of 10am to 7pm seven days a week during the initial opening phase of the Pilot Program.

Tim Stallings and Martha Mercer will be among the first patients to purchase legal medical cannabis at Salveo Health & Wellness.

When Stallings was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Marfan syndrome in 2003 he was prescribed 15 different medications including several heavy-duty narcotics. “They didn’t help at all with my symptoms,” he said, “ and I couldn’t function.”

While there is no cure for M.S., medical cannabis has been known to help with several symptoms including spasticity, muscle spasms, chronic pain, tremors, digestive problems, vision dimness, and dysfunctions of walking and balance.

“If I don’t use cannabis for medication the muscles in my body get tight and spasm,” Stallings said. “My wife can tell you when I’m out of medicine. She can watch the muscles in my back do the ‘wave’ when I try to sleep at night. This is often painful and exhausting.”

Stallings said that the opening of Salveo Health & Wellness means that he will now be able to purchase safe, legal, medical-quality cannabis without fear of prosecution.

Concern about legality has been the only thing keeping Mercer from using cannabis to treat her condition. According to a report given to the Illinois state legislature Mercer is in the most common demographic for medical cannabis patients: women in their 50s who are diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia. Diagnosed over ten years ago Mercer said, “Each day is a struggle with daily pain, extreme fatigue, depression, and a wide range of other unpleasant symptoms.”

Since there is no cure for fibromyalgia patients can only hope to treat symptoms. “Over the course of the last decade I have tried a gauntlet of prescription medications along with several non-traditional alleged remedies,” Mercer said. “I was even in an FDA prescription study. All of those medications didn’t help or had extreme side effects.”

Mercer currently relies on a combination of prescription painkillers, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and over-the-counter sleep aids. She says that the side effects from these drugs are often so severe that she forgoes medication and attempts to simply bear the symptoms of her condition.

“I have great hope that medical cannabis will give me relief from this relentless pain,” Mercer said. “I’m looking forward to legally finding out what works best for me.”

CEO Scott Miller said of the opening, “Today is not about us, it’s about the patients. By far the most gratifying part of being open is seeing our patients getting medical cannabis so they can improve their lives.”

Salveo Health & Wellness is located in Canton, Illinois which is in police district 14.   Nature’s Grace and Wellness, located in Vermont, IL, is the cultivator in district 14 and has provided some of the medical cannabis being sold at the dispensary.

The dispensary prides itself on its patient outreach and education and, with the help of Medical Cannabis Outreach (MCO), has been working to help patients understand cannabis and the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.  The dispensary’s website is designed to be an informational and educational resource following the ethos that information is the best cure for misunderstanding, and its constantly growing Facebook community also reflects these values. Anyone in need of help understanding medical cannabis or navigating the application process for a patient card is encouraged to call 309-647-9333.

Leading up to this opening Salveo Health & Wellness has relied on the advice and expertise of industry veterans across the country, especially from BioTrackTHC, the company’s vendor for its seed to sale tracking system.  According to Miller the software has been a big part of getting the dispensary up and running, and the company not only provided valuable information during the application process but has been an integral part of getting the dispensary set up in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the state of Illinois. BiotrackTHC is one of the leading seed-to-sale tracking companies in the country and its software is used throughout the 23 legal cannabis states to trace the plant from the time it’s planted to the time it’s sold.

The dispensary also offers holistic wellness products like herbal teas and essential oils, as well as referral services for acupuncture, massage, chiropractic services, nutritional advice, and individual and family counseling.

Medical Cannabis Outreach will be on hand during the grand opening to answer any questions about cannabis and to help potential patients begin the process of applying for a medical cannabis patient card.

About Salveo Health & Wellness
The Salveo Health & Wellness medical cannabis dispensary serves Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, McDonough, and Warren counties. It is the third dispensary in Illinois to officially complete its registration with the state, and the first in central Illinois. “Salveo” in Latin means, “To be well.” Salveo Health & Wellness believes in holistic care, and is committed to providing the aid and the products needed to support healthy minds and bodies. The company provides a multidisciplinary approach to care, and offers patients relief from symptoms of illness – including mental and physical stress, and pain. Ultimately “well-being” means more than being free from medical conditions, and Salveo Health & Wellness strives to support true wellness by supporting optimal mental, emotional, and physical health. Salveo Health & Wellness is operated by Evergreen Dispensary, L.L.C.

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