In California, County Temporarily Bans Commercial Growth of Adult-Use Pot

commercial growth

In California, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors has banned commercial growth of marijuana for recreational use, according to a Nov. 15, 2016, article at

The 45-day emergency ban is a response to California’s Nov. 8, 2016, passage of Proposition 64, which legalized adult-use marijuana in the state.

Santa Cruz County voters approved Proposition 64 by about 70 percent. Now that Proposition 64 is in place, Californians 21 years of age and older can have up to six marijuana plants for personal use and can possess up to an ounce—and local governments are not allowed to override those allowances.

But the Santa Cruz County supervisors want to manage commercial growth for adult use.

“History says when the law changes, people make some assumptions without actually reading the law. So we’re trying to get ahead of that,” John Leopold, a county supervisor, said.

Pat Malo, a representative of the Cannabis Advocates Alliance, said, “I think it’s mostly a symbolic action just to make sure business people don’t misunderstand the law coming in and trying to open up shops.”

Commercial growing for medical marijuana is still permitted in Santa Cruz County.

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