In Minnesota, Disagreement Over Medical Marijuana for PTSD

In Minnesota, Disagreement Over Medical Marijuana for PTSD

In Minnesota, medicinal cannabis companies and the state’s health commissioner disagree with state Veterans Affairs officials regarding the use of medical marijuana for post-traumatic stress disorder.

The controversy centers around state health commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger’s recent decision to include PTSD among the conditions that qualify for medical marijuana, while Veterans Affairs prohibits its use, according to a Dec. 20, 2016, article in the Duluth News Tribune.

“The VA has concluded no convincing research exists to support the use of cannabis for the disorder,” Ralph Heussner of the VA in Minneapolis wrote in an email to the Duluth News Tribune. “The VA does not permit its doctors to certify patients for its use or prescribe it.”

Dr. Gary Starr, chief medical officer of Leafline Labs, which is one of two companies certified to provide medical marijuana in Minnesota, said medicinal cannabis should be used for PTSD only with supervision from a mental health professional.

“There is no claim that cannabinoids [the active chemicals in marijuana] are a panacea in this case,” Starr said. “No one is suggesting that by taking cannabis medicine you’re fixing PTSD forever…This is one tool in the kit.”

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