Jimmy Buffet Supports Florida’s Medical Marijuana Amendment


On Oct. 23, 2016, Jimmy Buffet announced his support for Amendment 2, an amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida, as well as his opposition to Amendment 1, an amendment that would give Florida additional oversight of customer-owned solar energy.

The video, published by Floridians for Solar Choice, an organization supporting the freedom to expand solar power in the state, focuses on Amendment 1.

“We’ve been enjoying the sun for most of our lives living in Florida. Now it’s time to use it right, and use it for everybody’s benefit. That is why I am voting no on 1,” Buffet said.

After discussing Amendment 1, Buffet moved on to announce his support for Amendment 2.

“Amendment 2. Medical marijuana — Duh!” Buffet said. “I can tell you from firsthand experience that medical marijuana is a great cure.”

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