Joining the Green Rush

Green Rush

By Michael Mayes

For investors, the burgeoning marijuana industry provides many different opportunities for financial growth. Entrepreneurs are rapidly opening businesses in the hopes of joining the green rush.

Unfortunately, if you are not living in one of the few states to recently legalize marijuana for medical use or public sales, your options for investment are more limited. Investing in “pot” stocks offers the best medium to capitalize on this modern day green rush from afar.

The relative youth of this industry makes investing in pot stocks more difficult than investing in established industries. Information is harder to come by and sources of this information are much more challenging to verify. Another potential obstacle to keep in mind is the federal regulations that are still looming over every aspect of these businesses. The risk is higher, but so is the potential payout for those who are willing to take the risk.

Major investment publications have been slow to print information on the myriad of small upstart organizations that are available for investing funds. Often the best information available is found on Twitter, forums and from people with their feet on the ground in the marijuana business.

Unless you already have connections to the industry, speaking with industry experts is difficult so let’s focus on other sources that are available to anyone with an Internet connection. For up to the second information, monitoring Twitter feeds such as @WolfOfWeedST, @BenBerdankweed and@Potstocks1 are top of the list. A more traditional website source is which provides detailed articles on up-and-coming ticker symbols.

As with any budding industry the volatility of these stocks is extremely high and most of the available options are deemed penny stocks. In an hour, these stocks can leap up 40% only to tumble back to earth dropping over 80% before the close of the market. It is more important than ever to only invest what you are comfortable losing.

The adage, buy and hold, does not apply to this investing. To turn a profit and walk away in the black, you must pay close attention to daily movement and act quickly. This type of investment is not for the faint of heart, but there are no better options for those looking for maximum growth potential.


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