Legal Expert Robert Hoban Publishes White Paper: CBD – It’s Organic Unless It’s Domestic Robert T. Hoban, Esq.

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DENVER, July 26, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) Regulations prohibit accredited certifiers from denying the benefits of the NOP based on national origin.  Conversely, the recent USDA’s instruction instructs accredited certifiers to deny domestic hemp productions, effectively instructing certifiers to violate the NOP regulations.  The conflict in the rules governing certifiers and growers is justifiably paralyzing for OneCert, CBDRx, and other hemp companies and certifiers.

Various forms of industrial hemp have legally displayed the USDA Organic Seal for years, and many hemp companies in the United States gained certification to market their hemp products with the Organic Seal. Yet, the USDA deems organic hemp certification premature.  It is evident that confusion exists among the regulatory agencies regarding the distinction between marijuana and hemp and the legality of the two.  However, the Farm Bill expressly permits the growing of hemp regardless of other federal laws.

Consequently, the recent USDA instruction seems to be yet another regulatory impediment to the industrial hemp industry’s efforts to maximize product safety and quality, minimize consumer deception and satisfy the growing national demand for this versatile crop.  If it is legal to grow hemp under federal law, why are we discriminating against nationally grown hemp? Read the full White Paper from Bob Hoban here.

Founded in 2008, Hoban & Feola is the fastest growing national law firm specializing in cannabis and hemp law and policy. Headquartered in Denver, the firm has expanded from 12 to 15 states with the recent onboard of Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine. Additionally, the firm offers expert legal counsel in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Central America and Uruguay. Businesses, states and countries have relied upon the firm’s highly sought after expertise to navigate the industry during the unprecedented expansion of legal cannabis.

National CBD and hemp expert, Attorney Robert Hoban, is the firm’s founder and Managing Partner.  Hoban has helped to guide states and early adopter countries through the regulatory process.  While politicians, business leaders and entrepreneurs are still feeling their way through the cannabis industry, Hoban brings the professional expertise necessary to lead the way in navigating the cannabis space.

“With 25 states adopting medical compassionate cannabis laws, and four adult use states at a full roar, cannabis prohibition is at a tipping point. Experience and guidance to navigate these shark-like waters is essential to create compliant and well-structured business that have a sense about the cannabis business and culture they are helping to create.” – Bob Hoban

Data shows that new start-ups and states can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months to become compliant with the complex and varying regulations of medical cannabis (see research). Issues of zoning, cultivation, testing and distribution have to be addressed in addition to state-sanctioned organizational business structures. Hoban & Feola saves newcomers and industry veterans alike, time and guesswork, offering a lead team of legal cannabis experts to guide professionals through this complex and fast-paced industry.

About Hoban & Feola Law Firm
Hoban & Feola is Colorado’s original canna-business law firm (since 2008) and has now expanded into 12 states and four countries.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Hoban & Feola is the fastest growing firm in the country. Hoban is an AV® Preeminent™ rated attorney and seasoned full-service commercial practitioner – serving both THC and CBD business models. He is recognized as one of the leading commercial cannabis practitioners nationwide; representing private and publicly held clients in numerous states and abroad.

Identified as one of “The Five Pot Lawyers to Watch in 2015” by, Hoban has litigated nearly every aspect of Colorado’s Marijuana Code and closed over 300 marijuana-related business transactions across the country and the globe.  Marijuana and hemp-based business operations, related litigation and regulatory counsel are a specialty.

A professor at the University of Denver in the Law and Society Program, Hoban regularly teaches on government regulations, public policy and research-based policy courses that are marijuana-policy-centric. In 2014, he led a University-sanctioned research practicum concerning the efficacy of marijuana regulation that was the first of its kind in the U.S. He has drafted more than 30 bills for the Colorado General Assembly (eminent domain/land use, hemp/marijuana and transportation). In the summer of 2016 Bob Hoban will teach an international travel course in Uruguay, covering cannabis regulatory framework.

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