Lighting Science® Launches New VividGro® T8 LED Grow Lamp

Lighting Science

WARWICK, R.I., Feb. 15, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — LED innovation powerhouse Lighting Science today announced the addition of an LED T8 grow lamp to their industry-leading VividGro product line. Engineered specifically for grow chambers and vertical farming facilities, the latest addition to the VividGro line packs high output, low heat radiation and the company’s patented grow spectrum into a sleek and flexible 4-foot linear design. “Unlike traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) and fluorescent lighting, our new VividGro T8 emits minimal radiated heat making it ideal for cannabis growers looking to increase yield potential by providing supplemental lighting under the plant canopy,” said Pete Rumsey, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Lighting Science. “It provides the same 22.5 micromoles that our VividGro PAR 38 is known for, but in a flexible, new linear lamp that can be easily installed in between the rows of plants to encourage bottom growth.”

Since its introduction in 2015, VividGro has been providing growers with a low cost and energy-efficient alternative to high-pressure sodium (HPS) and fluorescent lighting. According to Rumsey, the new VividGro T8 uses about 50 percent less energy and lasts about ten times longer (50,000 hours) than comparable fluorescents, which typically have to be replaced every 8-10 months.

The new VividGro T8 guarantees that plants receive the best levels of (photosynthetic photon flux) PPFD at each stage of growth. Academic research conducted by the University of Guelph showed that VividGro’s light spectrum accelerates the photosynthetic process and improves crop yield by up to 30 percent.

As an added benefit, the VividGro T8’s flexible ballast bypass design provides cannabis growers with significant flexibility. The lamp can be hung individually, either vertically or horizontally, with single-ended connectors. For maximum customization, the VividGro T8 can also be installed in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 lamp, 4-foot troffers and hung in a direct wire troffer combo.

Suitable for indoor commercial growers and do-it-yourself horticulturalists, the new VividGro T8 is highly adaptable to both urban and agricultural environments, including greenhouses of any scale.

Lighting Science continues to innovate with advanced technologies and spectrum control solutions to enhance plant growth at different stages. The company plans to further expand its VividGro product line with the launch its next generation VividGro 3 later this year.

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Lighting Science (OTCQB:LSCG) is a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent products for consumer and commercial applications. We are committed to using the science of light to improve the lives and health of people and our planet by inventing breakthrough, biologically-friendly LED lamps and lighting fixtures. Lighting Science is headquartered in West Warwick, RI, with research and development facilities in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and offices in China. Find out more about us and our products at and join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Lighting Science Blog.

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