Marijuana Investor Summit Partners with to Produce The Great Marijuana Debate Series

MJIC and ProCon

CHICAGO, Jan. 7, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The first installment of The Great Marijuana Debate will kick off March 3 at the Marijuana Investor Summit, Hilton Union Square, San Francisco.

The event marks the beginning of a partnership between and the Marijuana Investor Summit. A series of debates focusing on economic, public, legislative and medical policy are scheduled to take place throughout 2016.

“2016 has the potential to be a tipping point for legalization and we feel it’s the time to put these critical issues on the table,” said David Friedman, CEO of MJIC Media, producer of the Marijuana Investor Summit. “We chose to work with on this series because we wanted a partner well versed in both sides of the discussion. We are working together to bring all the right parties to the table for healthy discussion.”

ProCon is a non-partisan 501(C)(3) public charity and the leading source of pro and con research on controversial issues, including the death penalty, illegal immigration, gun control and medical marijuana.

“With four states having legalized marijuana and several more states considering it, it is especially important to understand the pros and cons of marijuana legalization in 2016,” said Kamy Akhavan, President of ProCon. “By partnering with MJIC in the Marijuana Investor Summit, we can explore the policy challenges, risks, and benefits of regulating marijuana like alcohol and tobacco. has no agenda other than bringing diverse, informed, constructive experts together to discuss this important issue in a nonpartisan format.”


About Marijuana Investor Summit

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