Marijuana Policy Project Endorses Gary Johnson for President


The Marijuana Policy Project has endorsed Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson for president, according to a June 15, 2016, article at

“We don’t take a position—and we therefore don’t take into account a candidate’s position—on other issues, such as abortion, guns, gay rights, Iraq, taxes, or Social Security,” Rob Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project, said.

Johnson, who has promised not to use marijuana while in the White House if elected, previously was executive of Cannabis Sativa Inc., a marijuana company, said. He served as governor of New Mexico 1995-2003.

“Of the three presidential candidates who will appear on the ballot in all 50 states and D.C., Gary Johnson clearly has the best position on marijuana policy,” Kampia said. “When he first advocated for legalization in 1999, he was the highest-ranking public official in the U.S. to do so—as the sitting Republican governor of New Mexico, no less.”

“Legalization has been Johnson’s number-one issue for 17 years,” Kampia said.

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