MaryJane Group Cooks Up Bud & Breakfast

MaryJane Group Bud & Breakfast

By Richard Farrell

Nevada shell company Pladeo Corp. has announced intentions to provide a range of services in the marijuana sector. Targeted activities include providing advertising, entertainment, finance, marketing and lodging services. It is currently waiting for the FINRA to approve its new name, The MaryJane Group Inc. The company has already started rolling out services in downtown Denver.

Joel C. Schneider, President and CEO of The MaryJane Group (OTCQB: MJMJ), has proved an unerring eye for good publicity. He has acquired rights to convert a Victorian B&B to a pot friendly stay over with a difference. “Our concept is to provide our guests with a complete all-inclusive package where they can enjoy the marijuana lifestyle without having a care in the world,” Schneider reported to The Wall Street Journal.

Property owner Helen Strader sounds equally delighted. “We are pleased to be involved with The MaryJane Group and applaud their innovative plan to transform our Adagio Bed and Breakfast to a Bud and Breakfast,” she told WSJ Online. Her only requirement is no smoking inside the house, but that is likely already the case for cigarette smokers as well.

Now cited as “the place to enjoy the high life,” the Adagio guest house plans to incorporate marijuana consumption into guests’ lifestyles, provided they are staying over. Having just six rooms seems ideal for making it the perfect place to enjoy convivial sessions on the patio in the garden. The onsite chef will cook up gourmet medibles on request. All in all this sounds like a great idea according to Liberty Voice, especially as MaryJane has plans for more.

MMJ Investor News finds this development of more than passing interest, as the legal marijuana movement settles down in Colorado and makes its presence known. Fears of stoned kids dominating streets have proved groundless. Instead, social marijuana is following the path of alcohol by emphasizing the fun that goes with it.

The possibilities for the leisure industry seem endless. For decades, pot-starved Americans have been taking tours to places where they are free to smoke their weed in peace. It may not be long before local farmers allow conducted tours, and offer farm stays to city slickers.

Scott Masengill, a farmer in Benton County, Washington, recently invited a television station to view his operation. He has consent to grow a 7,000 square foot canopy of buds, and from what we hear this offers a relaxing alternative to traditional business. So far so good with neighbors, although right now the address remains a secret.

It took a while for Scott?four years in fact?to get the paperwork in place. With places like Adagio B&B popping up, Scott’s client base will likely grow. It should not be long before a network of marijuana consultants like MaryJane Inc. are running on all four cylinders. No wonder some say marijuana investment is close to becoming the opportunity of the decade.

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