MCOA Appoints Dr. Gerry Bedore and Robert Calkin to Advisory Board

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BONSALL, Calif., Feb. 22, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA (“MCOA” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: MCOA), an innovative cannabis marketing and distribution company, is pleased to announced that it has appointed Dr. Gerry Bedore and Mr. Robert Calkin as strategic advisors.

MCOA continues to recruit subject matter experts as strategic advisors with specific expertise in cannabis regulation, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, product development, marketing, brand development and recognition, distribution and logistics, science, nutrition, marketing, distribution, legal, compliance and many other areas critical to the success of the Company.

Dr. Gerry Bedore has 18 years Mid Management, Sr. Management and Executive experience in building and scaling of technology enhanced and technology based learning programs from the ground up. Gerry is widely recognized for his work in building and supporting many of the most successful online education organizations in the world today.

Gerry has degrees and advanced degrees in biological sciences, forest management, business, and education. In addition, he is a certified master gardener with a highly successful background in growing and horticulture. Gerry feels the sum total of his life’s work and experiences has positioned him to advance cannabis sciences on many levels.

Some of Gerry’s key accomplishments include leading a team to build the Art Institute Online and scaled it to support Education Management Corporation (EDMC) in acquiring South University, Argosy University, and Brown Mackie Colleges that provided the foundation for creating Education Management Corporation Online Higher Education (OHE). EDMC went from a $200 million dollar a year company to 41% of the company being acquired by Goldman Sachs for $3.2 billion dollars in a seven year period. Gerry’s team built and positioned EDMC to be a “player” in the online higher education market. EDMC OHE is a demonstration of his leadership, ability to function as a team player, and his ability to lead and build a quality organization.

Dr. Gerry Bedore, CannaWorx President, said, “We are intensely focused on developing cannabinoid specific formulas to provide to the many clinical trials and patient groups we are currently working with. These formulas will become the basis of many product lines and brands.”

Mr. Robert Calkin’s experience in the cannabis industry is deep and broad. In addition to being an original member of the American Hemp Council, with cannabis pioneers Chris Conrad and Jack Herer, Robert started Green Dot LA, a collective that has compassionately helped thousands of patients with their medical marijuana needs for more than a decade.

He founded CannaWorx, Inc., which owns and operates the Cannabis Career Institute, founded in 2009. He has also written curriculum for Oakland’s Oaksterdam University, which was the basis for his 2008 cannabis entrepreneurship bible “Starting Your Own Medical Marijuana Delivery Service: The Mobile Caregiver’s Handbook.” He is currently the instructor of Delivery 102 at Oaksterdam University.

In 2011, Mr. Calkin created the industry’s leading job listing and business development resource,, the most comprehensive online source for news and information relating to the medical cannabis industry. Mr. Calkin’s experience, knowledge and extensive network in the cannabis industry are invaluable to the Company.

“I am proud to assist in the development of this unique business model. It is a great solution to many of the challenges of the transition to full legalization for patients and small business owners. I look forward to introducing this concept to the public,” said Robert, CEO of CannaWorx.

Mr. Steinberg, MCOA President, said, “We are very pleased to have these cannabis industry veterans on our strategic advisory team. The knowledge and experience they collectively bring to MCOA is invaluable. The entire MCOA team looks forward to working closely with Robert and Gerry as they assist in developing the MCOA business model in this very rapidly emerging industry.”

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
“Donald Steinberg”
Donald Steinberg
President & CEO

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Marijuana Company of America (“MCOA”) is a publicly traded company headquartered in Southern California. MCOA will distribute marijuana and products related to marijuana as well as CBD and hemp, using a variety of marketing approaches to distribute on a global basis.

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Cannaworx Consulting specializes in providing planning, staffing and management for any cannabis business, whether it be a cannabis cultivation center, a cannabis processing company, or cannabis dispensary operations. Cannaworx also creates brands and cannabinoid-specific formulas for clinical trials, private firms and doctors. Cannaworx offers a complete solution providing consistent access to hybridized cannabis strains, customized specific cannabinoid products to the cannabis business industry while maintaining highly experienced, trained industry experts, detailed cannabis data management, labor force management and proprietary formulations from high performance labs and grow facilities. The Cannaworx team includes industry professionals with over 100 years of diversified business experience. The team has a vast national network of cannabis scientists, medical specialists, and new product developers industry experts to assist with any needs. Cannaworx strategic partners include Cannabis Career Institute, Cannabis State University, CannaJobs, CannaTrends, CannaFlavors, Cannaworx Consultants, Green Dot Delivery and more.

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